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Lesson plan week 2

  • Demo student's games
  • Get game ideas
    • Can also work on these instead of doing my examples
    • Copy and paste
  • The battle with bugs
    • indentation
  • Check everyone understood
  • Show
    • no need for you to type this program, it's just there to test controllers!
    • explain axes
  • Boolean logic: and, or, <, >
  • uses boolean logic
  • Sprite editing with Piskel
  • Show and - students type

Future stuff: newtonion physics - platform game? functions text in games

Lesson plan week 3

  • Demo student's games (j&o) (and animations d)
  • Ask what students are interested in:
    • Minecraft?
    • Visual novels?
  • Show
  • Show
  • Show
  • Show
  • Show 0C_arrays (if still interested)
  • Show (if still interested)
  • Show 0d_functions (if still interested)
  • If doing sprites, try MS Paint. Students start by entering

Lesson plan week 4

  • Show some broken code to debug

x = 10 y = 11 z = 12 print(x,y,z)

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