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ElectrumSV is a fork of the open source Electrum Bitcoin wallet ( for
Bitcoin SV. It continues on from the Electron Cash fork from the Electrum 2.9.0 codebase,
which continues to work with Bitcoin Cash, which like Bitcoin Core retains the Bitcoin
name while no longer following the Bitcoin design from the whitepaper. Bitcoin SV is the
only real Bitcoin, the only cryptocurrency that follows the Bitcoin whitepaper.
The ElectrumSV software is NOT affiliated, associated, or endorsed by Electrum, or the Electrum developers. Neither with Electron Cash.
If you are concerned about running ElectrumSV binaries you can always install and/or run
it from the Github source directly. However, all binaries are GPG signed, and SHA256
hashes are provided, with both hashes and signatures being checked into the Github
repository -- published through separate means and on separate web sites from the
binaries. The Windows builds are also created deterministically and it should be possible
for users to verify that the source they should have been created from, is exactly the
source they were created from. So, there are several tools in a users hands that allow
them to ascertain they can trust the builds and binaries provided.
When you first run ElectrumSV it will use a different configuration directory to Electrum
or Electron Cash. On Unix it is ".electrum-sv", and on Windows/MacOS it is "ElectrumSV".
The first time you run ElectrumSV, you will be given the option of copying your wallets
from Electron Cash. Initially transactions will show up as unverified because ElectrumSV
is downloading the blockchain headers to verify the transactions. This can take a few
minutes, but is only done once.
Ensure you are running ElectrumSV and not Electrum or Electron Cash by checking for
"ElectrumSV" in the title bar wording.
We STRONGLY recommend you get comfortable and only send a small amount of Bitcoin SV coins
at first, to yourself, to confirm the network is processing your transactions as expected.
# Release 1.1.0
* Check for updated versions on startup, and indicates updates in the wallet UI.
* Various hardware wallet fixes. Note hardware wallets may display Bitcoin Cash
addresses instead of Bitcoin addresses; this is out of our control and pending
firmware updates. For similar reasons they may also warn about addresses being
incorrect for the coin type; these warnings may be ignored.
* New blockchain parsing and fork handling code, replacing the historically unstable code.
* Tentative support for file attachments in OP_RETURN pushdatas when sending a transaction.
* Support for new ?sv style urls, which are also used in QR codes.
* Console tab improvements and warning.
* Addition of a preliminary log viewer.
* Address converter tab removed. ElectrumSV still accepts Bitcoin Cash "cashaddr"
addresses but only displays Bitcoin addresses. A future release will remove support for
cashaddr entirely.
* Removal of all plugins. Two plugins become extensions: cosigner pool, and labelsync.
Audio modem support has been removed. Virtual keyboard support is now in all password
* Testnet: testnet now uses the correct tpub, tprv derivations and not mainnet's xpub, xprv
* Many fixes and internals improvements.
# Release 1.0.0
* Coin splitting support.
* Checkpoints locking the blockchain to the Bitcoin SV fork.
* Bitcoin SV related block explorers.
* Bitcoin SV related exchange rate services.