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Hot Chocolate for the Busy

I used to think that the only way to heat milk properly for preparing hot chocolate was by using a saucepan. I eventually decided to experiment with a microwave oven. Here are the results.

What you'll need:

  • a microwave oven
  • two mugs
  • milk
  • your favorite hot chocolate powder -- I'm partial myself to Poulain's 1848 brand


  1. pour cold milk into one of the mugs, up to 3/4th capacity
  2. heat in your microwave oven at maximum power for 2 mins (at 900W) -- it will boil, but not spill over
  3. in the meantime, put two generous spoons of your chocolate powder in the other mug
  4. add a little cold milk and stir vigorously -- it should become barely liquid (if in doubt, add a little more cold milk)
  5. pour the hot milk in the mug containing the hot chocolate; no need to stir

Using mugs to prepare hot chocolate makes it a lot less messy compared to saucepans where the milk always seem to stick no matter how careful I am. Mixing cold chocolate with hot milk tend to produce pleasant-looking swirls in the resulting drink. Finally, mixing the powder with a little milk makes it a lot easier to mix with the rest of the milk.