Submissions of code snippets for the book Elegant SciPy
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Repository to track code submissions for the Elegant SciPy book

Update! It's out!

The prerelease of our book is now available from O'Reilly. We are working to make the code for the book available, but in the meantime, the data repository has everything you need to follow along:

What's this all about?

We (@hdashnow, @stefanv, and @jni) are writing an O'Reilly book called Elegant SciPy. It aims to teach fledgling Pythonistas to take their scientific programming to the next level, using the most elegant SciPy code examples we can find.

This is where you come in: if you've ever come across a really great piece of code using the SciPy library, please submit it by creating a new issue in this repo!

Have a look at the existing issues for inspiration!

Wait wait wait... I want to know more.

Sure! We've written about this in @jni's blog:

Get in touch!