Simple ZMQ Scala wrapper + RPC server/client
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Scala ZMQ (szmq) is a simple wrapper around jzmq and a basic implementation of ØMQ RPC server/client.

This is not a production-ready code (yet?), just a little ØMQ + scala example.

Server example:

package szmq.sample

import szmq._
import   rpc._
import   rpc.server._

object Pong extends Application {
  val workerNum = 50

  class PongHandler(val n: Int) extends RPCHandler
  with BSONSerializer //Use BSON serialization to encode MethodCalls and replies,
                      //You can use another serialization mechanizm, just implement a Serializer trait
                      //(designed to work only with case classes for now to keep things simple
                      //and be compatible with salat)
    //serve takes PartialFunction[MethodCall, () => Reply] (or simply [..., Reply]
    serve {
      case MethodCall("ping", Nil) => Reply("Pong")
      case MethodCall("args", a::b::Nil) => {
        println("# %s Got args: %s, %s" format (n, a, b))
        Reply("Args: %s, %s" format (a, b))

  //start frontend dispatcher
  val queue = new RPCQueue(BindTo("tcp://*:9999"))

  //add rpc workers
  1 to workerNum foreach {n =>
    queue.addWorker(new PongHandler(n))

Client example:

package szmq.sample

import org.zeromq.ZMQ._
import szmq._
import   rpc._
import   Util._
import  szmq.rpc.client.Client

import java.lang.Thread

object Ping {
  def main(args: Array[String]) {
    inContext() { context: Context =>
      val clientsNum = 10
      val count = args.headOption map (_.toInt) getOrElse (10)

      //create a bunch of client threads
      1 to clientsNum map { clientNum =>
        Thread sleep 100

        //shorthand for new Thread(){ override def run() { ... } }.start()
        thread {
          val start = System currentTimeMillis()

          //create req socket, execute block with it and close
          req(context, ConnectTo("tcp://localhost:9999")) { socket =>
            println("Creating client")
            val client = new Client(socket) with BSONSerializer
            1 to count foreach { n =>
              println("Calling args "+n)
              val response2 = client.callMethod("args", "client #"+clientNum, n)
              println("Got response "+response2)
              Thread sleep 1000
          println("done in "+(System.currentTimeMillis() - start) + "ms")
      } foreach (_.join())  //inContext terminates context after code block, so wait
                            //until all client threads are finished

Current implementation of rpc uses the following message flow:

[ Client | REQ ] <--> [ XREP | queue thread | XREQ ] <--> [ REP | worker threads ]