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Django Dash 2012 entry for team e-Legion
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Django Dash 2012 entry for team e-Legion


MIT/X11. See LICENSE-MIT file.


Online tool to create automatic acceptance tests for REST/JSON APIs.


If you accidentally deleted demo testcases, you always can use demo fixtures:

python loaddata fixtures/demo/editor.json fixtures/demo/auth.json

Tips and tricks

Query parameters

Query parameters support special mini-language. Currently it is possible to provide either plain value by simply typing it in the field, or a random value, typing {random} special form:


The special form syntax is: {random:length:symbols}, where length is an integer and symbols is one of:

  • d for digits
  • l for lowercase letters
  • L for uppercase letters
  • symbols might be ommited to use digits and letters


Assertion expressions have a syntax to do response fields querying. Let's shoot examples along with explanation.

Status code of last query:


Take first query, its parsed json body, second array index, text property:

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