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@@ -22,10 +22,24 @@ A 'Set' consists of three cards in which each feature is EITHER the same on each
That is to say, any feature in the 'Set' of three cards is either common to all three cards or is different on each card.
-Supported key features:
+Key features:
-1. Cool design
-2. Login with Facebook or anonymous login with auto-created user
-3. Highly interactive game process
+1. Cool design!
+2. Login with Facebook or anonymous login with auto-created user.
+3. Highly interactive game process.
4. Game available for any reasonable number of users (they just need to click 'Play' in one minute)
5. Simple chat in game
+No additional services/modules required except listed in requirements.txt
+You will need only driver for database,
+it is not listed in requirements since you can choose any SQL-database you like.
+python syncdb --noinput
+python migrate
+python createcachetable cache_table
+That's all!
+Note, that Facebook login would work only if proper application for your domain is specified in settings.
+That's due to Oauth restrictions.

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