Django Dash 2010 repository for e-Legion team
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Django Dash repository for e-Legion team.

Our project is called "Voices in the Head". Basically it is online user
generated radio, broadcasted to a chosen one with webcam.

Current and next track are translated in twitter @inthehead.

You can look at working server on
(We try keep all turned on, but if not ask @anatoliy_larin in twitter)

For streaming it uses two external streaming servers:

 * One for video (which is outsourced to some video streamer, currently; it streams the video feed from the cam of "chosen one".
   Also, the chosen one adds to that video stream an audio track of the uploaded

 * The second one is for streaming the uploaded audios to the "chosen one". It
   receives the urls of tracks uploaded to web-app server and streams them via
   http protocol. Therefore this server (we are using Vlc on our server) should
   have an access to the server, which hosts the Django application. So, if you
   are running our application on your sever, it should be HTTP accessible from
   the outer world.