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build an example using emailjs with amazon SES #20

eleith opened this Issue · 4 comments

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emaijs exposes the Message object allowing it to be used independently to generate MIME formatted messages/attachments.

it would be nice to have an example showcasing this feature and to see if message.js needs to be modified to make this process feasible.

@eleith eleith closed this

Can emailjs be used with SES? Or do I want to download the AWS SDK for node?
I keep getting a timeout .. code 4 .. smtp underfined error.


i have not gotten around to trying it.


I'm sorry. You have gotten around to trying it? So what were your results?

I was testing it for a bit earlier today and these settings worked for me:

var server = email.server.connect({
   user:    "user",
   password: "password",
   host:    "",
   port:    587,
   tls: true

All other settings would either return a code 4 or the SMTP server will outright reject the email.

Hope this helps someone out.


i edited my comment =]

appreciate the info.

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