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smtp error with no stacktrace #43

defunctzombie opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I am using v0.2.2 of emailjs and getting back the following error after performing a send. Not sure what the error itself is, but I do know that it doesn't have a stacktrace which makes it hard to track down in the code. This probly indicates that the error itself is not an error object. When possible, all errors should be of the Error object or derive from it so you can get stacktraces :)

Any thoughts on what causes this or where it comes from in the codebase?

{ code: 2,
  message: 'bad response on command \'rset\'',
  smtp: '354 Continue\n' }

thanks for pointing that out. i have made all errors use the Error object now.

as for the error you are seeing, this is caused because a command came back that emailjs did not expect. here is an issue that explores such an error more in depth: #24

however, since you are using v0.2.2, there have been many fixes since then, so one of three things are possible

1) their was a bug in emailjs but it has since been fixed
2) you are using an email server that doesn't follow the RFC spec
3) there is still a bug in emailjs and we need to fix it

i'm going to close this ticket till you can try out the latest version of emailjs. if you still hit the bug, please create a new issue with the new stack traces that should come through!

@eleith eleith closed this

I will update to a newer emailjs per your suggestion. If any new errors come up, I will let you know :) cheers

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