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Error: no form of authorization supported #59

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I'm trying to use emailjs with haraka, but I'm getting this error while I try to test it:

{ [Error: no form of authorization supported] code: 7, smtp: undefined }

Here is the code:

var email = use("/usr/local/lib/node_modules/emailjs");

var mail  = email.server.connect({
    user        : "", 
    password    : "my_password", 
    host        : "localhost", 
    domain      : 'localhost',
    ssl         : false,
    port        : 587,

// send message
   text:    "i hope this works", 
   from:    "ME! <>", 
   to:      "Adam <>",
   subject: "testing emailjs"
}, function(err, message) { 
    console.log(err || message); 

Even i am facing the same problem. Let me know if you found any thing.
{ [Error: no form of authorization supported] code: 7, smtp: undefined }

var email = require('emailjs');
var server = email.server.connect({
user: "correctusername",
host: ""



I just had the same issue, turned out the server I am trying to talk to is an Exchange server, and on port 25 it wants NTLM authorization. Talking to port 587 however allows (in my case) LOGIN authentication.

my debug strategy:


console.log('feature', parse[1].toLowerCase(), parse[2]);

to line 310 of node_modules/winston-mail/node_modules/emailjs/smtp/smtp.js

to log what feature 'auth' your server returns.


you can turn on debug statements in smtp/client.js. the SMTP server should respond with authorizations that it supports. this library only has a handful of authorization supports as of now, but i'm happy to see more get added if needed

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