Build an EC2 EBS root for archlinux
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Forked version: 
-- use ext4 instead of btrfs
-- don't use prepared zsh environments
-- directly using the new partition during the creation

Step 1: Compile kernel26-ec2 kernel26-ec2-headers ec2-metadata 
                btrfs-progs-git ec2arch from AUR

Step 2: Copy compiled packages to /root/repo
        repo-add ec2.db.tar.gz *.pkg.*

Step 3: Make a New EBS volume and attach to /dev/sdg

Step 4: run

Step 5: Make snapshot of your finished EBS volume.

Step 6: Register your ami

   ec2-register -C cert-.pem -K pk-.pem -a i386 --root-device-name /dev/sda --kernel aki-4c7d9525 -n aminame -s snap-id

   ec2-register -C cert-.pem -K pk-.pem -a x86_64 --root-device-name /dev/sda --kernel aki-4e7d9527 -n aminame -s snap-id