js2js is a revolutionary open-source compiler from Javascript to Javascript
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About the project

There are dozens of tools that compile some programming language to JavaScript. You can do it with C++, Java, C#, Python, Scala or Ruby. But there's one language that remains to be covered for JavaScript to dominate the world: JavaScript.

We did it. Meet js2js, a revolutionary compiler that transforms JavaScript directly to JavaScript!


  • Control. You have full control over every single bit of the code produced by js2js. You can even compile an invalid JavaScript program to an equally invalid one.
  • Zero overhead. js2js will never slow you down. The compiled code has exactly the same performance as the original input.
  • Integration. js2js rocks with any other JavaScript technology out there: AngularJS, Emscripten, Vanilla JS, jQuery, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, and even Dart.
  • Cross-platform. js2js-powered code supports all kinds of stationary and mobile devices and Web browsers. Even if you develop for Netscape 2.0, we've got you covered.


For first-time usage, fetch the dependencies:

$ cd js2js
$ npm install

To compile your code, use the following command:

node js2.js -i <input_file_or_directory> -o <output_file_or_directory>

Interesting fact: you can compile the code of js2js with js2js and everything will work as expected. Check this out:

>node js2.js -i js2.js -o js2.compiled.js -v
Welcome to js2js compiler.
Compiling js2.js...
Output is written to: js2.compiled.js


  • --decompile: decompile js2js-powered JS back to original JS.
  • --force: overwrite existing files in the destination location.
  • --verbose: toggle detailed output.


js2js is written in JavaScript and runs on Node.js. It is also available as an NPM package: js2js.

How can I contribute?

You can fork the project, make your changes and send us pull requests. Or just share it with your friends and make some JavaScript fun together with js2js.