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= jQuery LiveTwitter
-LiveTwitter is a lightweight, live updating Twitter search plugin for jQuery.
+LiveTwitter is a lightweight, live updating Twitter plugin for jQuery.
+You can use it to show a stream of tweets based on search queries, or tweets
+from a specific user or list. It also supports StatusNet/
-== Usage
+== Basic usage
- <div id="twitterSearch"></div>
+You'll need a container for the stream of tweets:
- $("#twitterSearch").liveTwitter('bacon', {limit: 10, rate: 15000});
+ <div id="tweets"></div>
-You can also show tweets from a user's timeline:
- $("#twitterSearch").liveTwitter('elektronaut', {limit: 10, rate: 300000, mode: 'user_timeline'});
-..or a list:
- $("#twitterSearch").liveTwitter({user: 'jquery', list: 'team'}, {limit: 10, rate: 300000, mode: 'list'});
+Populating it is as simple as:
-You can include native retweets by passing retweets: true:
+ $("#tweets").liveTwitter('bacon');
- $("#twitterSearch").liveTwitter('elektronaut', {limit: 10, rate: 300000, mode: 'user_timeline', retweets: true});
+You can also show tweets from a user's timeline:
-Showing profile image and username is toggleable, and disabled by default in user_time mode. Use showAuthor to enable.
+ $("#tweets").liveTwitter('elektronaut', {mode: 'user_timeline'});
- $("#twitterSearch").liveTwitter('elektronaut', {limit: 10, rate: 300000, mode: 'user_timeline', showAuthor: true});
+..or a list:
-Note: You might want to be careful with low refresh rates here to play nice with API rate limits.
+ $("#tweets").liveTwitter({user: 'jquery', list: 'team'}, {mode: 'list'});
Changing the query or options is pretty easy, just call liveTwitter again with the new parameters:
- $("#twitterSearch").liveTwitter('salad');
- $("#twitterSearch").liveTwitter('celery', {limit: 25});
- $("#twitterSearch").liveTwitter(false, {limit: 25});
+ $("#tweets").liveTwitter('salad');
+ $("#tweets").liveTwitter('celery', {limit: 25});
+ $("#tweets").liveTwitter(false, {limit: 25});
-You disable automatic refreshing by passing refresh: false
+== Options
- $("#twitterSearch").liveTwitter('bacon', {limit: 10, refresh: false});
+=== Global options
-Stopping, starting and refreshing manually:
+*mode:* Valid options are 'search', 'user_timeline', 'list', 'home_timeline'. 'search' is the default.
+*rate:* Refresh rate, in milliseconds. The default is 15000.
+*limit:* Maximum number of tweets to show at once. The default is 10.
+*imageSize:* Dimensions of profile image. The default is 24 pixels.
+*refresh:* Pass refresh: false to disable automatic refreshing.
+*rpp:* Results per page to request from the API. This defaults to the limit, increase it if you're filtering tweets.
+*showAuthor:* Show username and profile picture. Defaults to false for user_timeline and true for all other modes.
+*filter:* Pass a function to filter tweets before displaying them.
+*service:* Use another service with compatible API, for example '' or ''.
+*timeLink:* Pass timeLink: false to disable the timestamp on tweets.
- $("#twitterSearch").each(function(){ this.twitter.stop(); });
- $("#twitterSearch").each(function(){ this.twitter.start(); });
- $("#twitterSearch").each(function(){ this.twitter.refresh(); });
+=== Options for search
-If you want to clear the tweets on changing query, you can do this:
+*geocode:* Search tweets near a specific location. Example: '59.919151,10.749950,50km'
+*lang:* Only show tweets in this language. Example: lang: 'fr'
- $("#twitterSearch").each(function(){ this.twitter.clear(); }).liveTwitter('my new query');
+=== Options for user_timeline
-Using ( service:
+*retweets:* Includes native retweets. Disabled by default.
- $('#twitterSearch').liveTwitter('test', {service:''});
- $('#twitterSearch').liveTwitter('test', {service:''});
+== A note on rate limiting
+The Twitter API enforces a limit on how many requests you can perform in a
+certain timeframe. The search API has a rather liberal rate limit, but the
+other modes are noticeably harsher. I recommend setting a higher limit
+(like 300000) if you're displaying a user timeline.
-== Search options
+If you're constantly refreshing the page while developing and suddenly start
+seeing tweets dropping out, this is probably the reason.
-Restricting results by geocode is possible:
+== Advanced usage
- $("#twitterSearch").liveTwitter('bacon', {geocode: '59.919151,10.749950,50km'});
+Stopping, starting and refreshing manually:
-..or by language:
+ $("#tweets").each(function(){ this.twitter.stop(); });
+ $("#tweets").each(function(){ this.twitter.start(); });
+ $("#tweets").each(function(){ this.twitter.refresh(); });
- $("#twitterSearch").liveTwitter('crossaint', {lang: 'fr'});
+If you want to clear the tweets on changing query, you can do this:
+ $("#tweets").each(function(){ this.twitter.clear(); }).liveTwitter('my new query');
-== Filtering tweets
+=== Filtering tweets
You can filter tweets by providing a function:
- $('#twitterSearch').liveTwitter('bacon', {limit: 5, rate: 5000, rpp: 100, filter: function(tweet){
+ $('#tweets').liveTwitter('bacon', {limit: 10, rpp: 100, filter: function(tweet){
return ($.inArray(tweet.iso_language_code, ['no', 'sv']) > -1); // Show only norwegian and swedish tweets
-== HTML options
-You can disable linking the timestamp to the tweet:
- $("#twitterSearch").liveTwitter('bacon', {timeLink: false});
-Or use a custom image size:
- $("#twitterSearch").liveTwitter('bacon', {imageSize: 48});
-== Callbacks and events
+=== Callbacks and events
If you want to apply behavior when new tweets are loaded, you can pass a callback function:
- $('#twitterSearch').liveTwitter('bacon', {}, function(container, newCount){
+ $('#tweets').liveTwitter('bacon', {}, function(container, newCount){
alert(newCount + ' new tweets loaded!');
..or if events are more your style:
- $('#twitterSearch').liveTwitter('bacon').bind('tweets', function(){
+ $('#tweets').liveTwitter('bacon').bind('tweets', function(){
alert('New tweets!');

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