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A driver for linux-gpib to connect the Raspberry Pi to any GPIB device
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A driver for linux-gpib to connect the Raspberry Pi to any GPIB device via its GPIO interface.

Intended to be used in conjunktion with the raspi_gpib_shield ( Preassembled devices can be found at


clone or download the patch in a new folder

download the current stable linux-gpib release (4.0.3 at this time)

extract linux-gpib with folder names in the new folder:

tar xzf linux-gpib-4.1.0.tar.gz

configure linux-gpib:

cd linux-gpib-4.1.0


this creates the needed build files. Apply the patch to add the gpio driver:

patch -p1 < gpio_driver_4.1.0.patch

build linux-gpib


sudo make install


The driver creates a new type of board_type for gpib.conf

example gpib.conf:

(the entry "board_type" must match the name of the compiled kernel module)

To get quick access, try: gpib_config to initialize linux-gpib and create /dev/gpib0 ibterm -d<primary_addr>

have fun, Thomas

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