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@nick-thompson nick-thompson released this 09 May 14:28
· 39 commits to main since this release


  • Dropped support for the plugin-renderer and node-renderer package
  • Convolve, Metro, Time, and FFT nodes now only available by default in the WASM (web-renderer, offline-renderer) packages
  • Table, Convolve, Sample, and any other nodes which depend on static audio buffers now only respond to a path property which resolves against the virtual file system
  • TapOut no longer accepts a size property; all tapOut nodes have an implicit block-size delay


  • Open source, opening up the Runtime API for custom native integrations and extended audio processors
  • Introducing a new svf and svfshelf node
  • The internal implementation of the lowpass, highpass, bandpass, lowshelf, highshelf, peak, and notch filters now use the above svf nodes
  • New generic Renderer API in @elemaudio/core for writing custom rendering utilities


  • Significant CPU and memory usage improvements
  • Significant performance improvement on the frontend reconciliation algorithm