Linux kernel driver for samsung backlight control
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## Welcome to the samsung-backlight

samsung-backlight is a fork of samsung-backlight linux kernel driver. It add backlight support for some of samsung laptops.

## Samsung laptop models

Currently supported:

* N130
* NC10
* NP-Q45
* R468/R418
* X320/X420/X520
* X360
* R518
* R510/P510

Not tested:

* X360
* R518
* R510/P510

Have similar problem, but need more information to add it:

* X418
* Q1

## Installation

git clone
cd samsung-backlight
sudo make install

On some os you need to add samsung_backlight module to modules list. (f.e /etc/modules) After reboot it should work.

## Other samsung laptop models

If you've got samsung laptop with intel graphics card and it hasn't supported backlight control, you could create an issue with "lspci -nn" information.