Library to enable Visualization Driven Development in Clojure projects.
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VDD Core

VDD Core is a minimal Clojure library built to help enable Visualization Driven Development (VDD). Read What is Visualization Driven Development first if you don't know what VDD is. VDD Core captures code execution as data in your coding environment, sends them to the browser, and then invokes code to visualize it. VDD Core is not a visualization framework or a replacement for things like D3 or Raphael.js. It will be a place to include components to make building visualizations of code execution easier.

See Jason Gilman's talk about Visualization Driven Development from Strangloop 2013 here.

VDD Core is new and is considered alpha quality

VDD Core Overview


The vdd-core-examples project has several examples of using vdd-core.

Quick Sort Example


Add the following dependency to your project.clj file:

[element84/vdd-core "0.1.0"]

Using VDD Core

See Using VDD Core and documentation on the wiki.


These are areas in which VDD Core could be approved.

  • Visualization generator - A generator would make it easier to get started with a new visualization.
  • Built in visualizations - There are visualizations that would be useful for general Clojure development.

Contributions and pull requests are welcome.


Copyright © 2014 Jason Gilman and element 84.

Distributed under the MIT License.