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Python bindings for libiscsi
C Shell Python Makefile
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This module is an iSCSI client for Python 3. It is hosted at and is a fork of It adds a few things things to make this module actually usable to read and write data.

It comes with a build environment and does only require git, make and a working C compiler installation. In addition it requires Internet access to download the libiscsi sources. swig, autoconf, automake or libtool are not needed. It builds libiscsi from source and links the extension module with the resulting library, no system installation of libiscsi is required.


For RHEL/CentOS 7:

yum install -y git make gcc epel-release
yum install -y python36
python3 -m venv libiscsi
. libiscsi/bin/activate
pip install git+


This module is distributed under LGPL version 2.1. Please see COPYING for the full text of this license.

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