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An open, pay-what-you-want app store for indie developers.

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Building, Testing, and Installation

You'll need the following dependencies:

  • gettext
  • libappstream-dev (>= 0.10)
  • libgee-0.8-dev
  • libgranite-dev (>=0.5)
  • libgtk-3-dev
  • libjson-glib-dev
  • libpackagekit-glib2-dev
  • libsoup2.4-dev
  • libunity-dev
  • libxml2-dev
  • libxml2-utils
  • meson
  • valac (>= 0.26)

Run meson build to configure the build environment. Change to the build directory and run ninja to build

meson build --prefix=/usr
cd build

To install, use ninja install, then execute with io.elementary.appcenter

sudo ninja install


See debug messages: As specified in the GLib documentation

G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all io.elementary.appcenter

Show restart required messaging:

sudo touch /var/run/reboot-required

Hide restart required messaging:

sudo rm /var/run/reboot-required

Fake updates with the -f flag followed by PackageKit package name, not appstream id:

io.elementary.appcenter -f inkscape

Load and preview a local AppStream XML metadata file, your local metadata will show up in the featured banner and will also be searchable. Metadata loaded this way will have a (local) suffix in it's name.

io.elementary.appcenter --load-local /path/to/file.appdata.xml