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code 3.2.0 Released

@elementaryBot elementaryBot released this
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code 3.2.0 is out!

New features:

  • Visually deprioritize .gitignored files in project sidebar
  • Smart cut/copy lines with no active selection
  • Add a confirmation dialog to the "Restore" action
  • Add "Open In" menu to the top-level folder in the folder manager
  • Don't show temporary files in the folder manager
  • Add brackets completion and auto-indent by default
  • Zoom terminal plugin with keyboard
  • Honor global privacy setting when saving and restoring

Other updates:

  • Simplify "Draw spaces" preference
  • Fix the keyboard shortcut for going backwards in search results
  • Fix opening files from relative paths in Terminal
  • Fix null file dialog when opening a new window via the dock
  • Add "=" as a zoom key
  • Change search entry icon when results aren't found
  • Enter name of new file before creating it
  • Updated translations