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The elementary OS and AppCenter Flatpak platform



To build locally, you will need the Flathub Flatpak repository installed. You can follow the Flatpak setup instructions.

Next, you will need:

  • A lot of space (~ 15 Gb)
  • flatpak-builder
  • meson
  • git

When building locally, you may wish to reduce the build time and disk space required by commenting out the .Sdk.Debug line in the manifest. You'll only need to include this line if you're debugging an app crash.

And finally, to build and install:

meson setup build --prefix=/usr
flatpak-builder --install-deps-from=flathub --ccache --repo=elementary builddir ./build/io.elementary.Sdk.json


This repository has CI/CD set up. Building and publishing is handled automatically with the help of some amazing GitHub actions, and takes no human interaction.


Every push to the main branch will start a build and publish it to our repository under the daily branch. This branch is built frequently and is not recommended for production.


To release a new stable version of the platform, simply open up a PR and add the Release label to it. Once it is merged, a new stable io.elementary.Platform version 6 will be created and published.

NOTE If you want to change the version, like release io.elementary.Platform version 7, you will need to make changes in the release.yml GitHub action.