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elementary OS

Build scripts for image creation

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Building Locally

As elementary OS is built with the Debian version of live-build, not the Ubuntu patched version, it's easiest to build an elementary .iso in a Debian VM or container. This prevents messing up your host system too.

The following example uses Docker and assumes you have Docker correctly installed and set up:

  1. Clone this project & cd into it:

    git clone && cd os
  2. Configure the channel in the etc/terraform.conf (stable, daily).

  3. Run the build:

    mkdir artifacts
    docker run --privileged -i \
        -v /proc:/proc \
        -v ${PWD}/artifacts:/artifacts \
        -v ${PWD}:/working_dir \
        -w /working_dir \
        debian:latest \
        /bin/bash -s etc/terraform.conf <
  4. When done, your image will be in the artifacts folder.

Further Information

More information about the concepts behind live-build and the technical decisions made to arrive at this set of tools to build an .iso can be found on the wiki.

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