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Digital or analog watchface that shows an eminently glanceable 24 hour weather forecast. Steps and bluetooth connection alerts, too! Forked from karantza/Planets_PebbleFace

face preview

The outer ring is a 24 hour timeline. The red tick indicates the current hour. Each additional tick is one additional hour, up to this time tomorrow. The bottom center is midnight. The top center is noon. The outer ring turns grey if that hour will be cloudy, or purple/yellow if it will be clear, depending on if the sun is up. A second layer appears on the ring if there will be precipitation at that hour- blue for rain, teal for sleet, white for snow. Thickness of the sky ring indicates temperature- the widest part is the hottest part of the day, and the thinnest part is the coolest part of the day. Thickness of the precipitation ring indicates intensity- a short, thick band of blue means a lot of rain in a short time. A thin, long band of teal means a long, slow sleety drizzle.

Bluetooth connectivity alerts are present. Feel free to email with feature requests-

Weather data powered by Dark Sky. If you fork this app, please replace my key with your own.

Design heavily inspired by Krona Sunlight, an Android Wear face.

Built from Planets, an open source face by Alex Karantza. Check it out if you like astronomy- it's very cool.


Pebble watchface in the vein of Krona Sunlight.




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