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Batch command execution

Sometimes it is required that we execute multiple commands sequentially.

Depending on your needs there are different approaches.

Shell Script

The easiest one is to execute just one command after another. In this case you can just create a shell script and set it up as cron.

Create a file. e.g /bin/Shell-Scripts/


~/www/bin/console app:process-one
~/www/bin/console app:process-two

and add the /bin/Shell-Scripts/ script to your crontab.

Advanced aproach

In other cases you have to check if previous jobs were successfully and only execute the next job if it was sucessfully. Or you want to start 2 jobs but job 3 has to wait until 1 and 2 are finished.

In this cases you can create a command and define your logic in the command. An example / starting point is here Group Execution.

This example just executes one job after another, but of course you can do more advanced things :-).