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Add the bundle to your composer.json

COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=3G composer require elements/process-manager-bundle

Run composer update:

COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=3G composer update elements/process-manager-bundle

Go to the Extension manager in the Pimcore admin and enable/install the Bundle. After the installation you have a config file located in /app/config/pimcore/plugin-process-manager.php

By default the processes are checked when the pimcore maintenance is executed. It is advisable to set up a extra cronjob, which monitors the script execution.

Just add the following command to your crontab (and set "executeWithMaintenance" to "false" in the config file)

*/5 * * * * php /home/my-project/www/bin/console process-manager:maintenance


To update the bundle please use the following command:

composer update elements/process-manager-bundle; bin/console pimcore:bundle:update ElementsProcessManagerBundle

Running with Pimcore < 5.4

With Pimcore 5.4 the location of static Pimcore files like icons has changed. In order to make this bundle work with Pimcore < 5.4, please add following rewrite rule to your .htaccess.

# rewrite rule for pre pimcore 5.4 core static files
RewriteRule ^bundles/pimcoreadmin/(.*) /pimcore/static6/$1 [PT,L]
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