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Migration from Pimcore 6 to Pimcore X

Before you update to the 4.x ProcessManager / Pimcore X make sure you are at the latest 3.x Version of the ProcessManager.

Your composer.json should contain an constraint like

"elements/process-manager-bundle": "v3.*"

Then execute:

COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer update elements/process-manager-bundle
bin/console pimcore:bundle:update ElementsProcessManagerBundle

After upgrade to Pimcore X

Rename DataBase Tables

  • plugin_process_manager_configuration to bundle_process_manager_configuration
  • plugin_process_manager_monitoring_item to bundle_process_manager_monitoring_item
  • plugin_process_manager_callback_setting to bundle_process_manager_callback_setting

Change the Version of the ProcessManger to v4.x

"elements/process-manager-bundle": "v4.*"

And run the update commands

composer update elements/process-manager-bundle
./bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate --prefix=Elements\\Bundle\\ProcessManagerBundle 

Breaking changes

  • The "executeWithMaintenance" config option has been removed - please set up a separate cronjob if you have not done it allready
* * * * * php ~/www/bin/console process-manager:maintenance > /dev/null 2>&1
  • Commands Validator for executable commands is implemented. Only commands which implement the ExecutionTrait will show up in the admin by default.
  • Phing executor has been removed
  • CliCommand executor has been removed
  • ExecuteShellCmdCommand executor has been removed
  • ExportToolkit executor has been removed
  • Configuration is now done with .yml files (instead of the plugin-process-manager.php) Please change the settings manually
  • Executor classes / actions / loggers are now defined as services