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Migration from Pimcore 4 to Pimcore 5

  • Create a backup of the following tables:

    • plugin_process_manager_callback_setting
    • plugin_process_manager_configuration
    • plugin_process_manager_monitoring_item
  • Update to Pimcore 5 first

  • Install the bundle

  • The location of the plugin configuration file has changed. If you can't find it at var/config/plugin-process-manager.php then copy your existing version to that directory or place the config file in /app/config/pimcore/plugin-process-manager.php

  • The location of file log files has changed. If you want to rescue them copy them from /website/var/log/process-manager to /var/logs/process-manager

  • The tmp directory has changed. It is now located at /var/tmp Please note that you may have to adapt your configurations.

  • The last step is to migrate the process mananager tables stored in the database. Execute the "process-manager:migrate" console command. If you need additional mappings just adapt the Migrator class to your needs.

Watch for messages like this one:

pimcore-5@pimcore:~/www$ php bin/console process-manager:migrate do not have mapping for \ProcessManager\Executor\Action\Download

If there is a mapping missing, add it to the Migrator class.

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