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The Process Manager also provides a rest service to start jobs... If you want to use the Rest Service you have to define the Pimcore users which should be allowed to execute/list... jobs in the "plugin-process-manager.php" config file. Therefore add an array "restApiUsers" to the config. A example is shown here

You have to pass the "username" and "apiKey" parameter on each request.

URL: http://YOUR-DOMAIN/webservice/elementsprocessmanager/rest/execute?username=ckogler&apiKey=secret

Executes a job by an ID or by the name.

Parameter Type Description
"id" or "name" mandatory ID or name of the configuration to execute
"callbackSettings" optional A Json or Xml string which is stored as the callbackSettings in the monitoring item

It returns the monitoring item ID to check the process state... Example:

  "success": true,
  "monitoringItemId": 123

URL: http://YOUR-DOMAIN/webservice/elementsprocessmanager/monitoring-item-state?username=ckogler&apiKey=secret

Returns the state of a process by the monitoring item id

Parameter Type Description
"id" mandatory ID of the monitoring item

It returns the monitoring item ...