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⚠️ This file was converted from the EDGELIB 4.02 documentation from 2012 and is included for historic purposes. The documentation is not maintained anymore: information is outdated and external links might be broken.

Getting Started

These tutorials will get you started with EDGELIB on the supported platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, GP2X, Gizmondo, Linux desktop, Windows desktop and Mac OS X.

It contains the following tutorials:

Version Changes

  • EDGELIB 4.00: Added tutorial for Android, Maemo 5, Antix Game Player and Mac OS X
  • EDGELIB 3.90: Added tutorial for Apple iPhone
  • EDGELIB 3.70: Added tutorial for Linux desktop
  • EDGELIB 3.20: Added tutorial for Gizmondo
  • EDGELIB 3.10: Changed all tutorials to reflect changes in the framework
  • EDGELIB 2.90: Changed the Symbian and GP2X tutorials adding edgerender.lib
  • EDGELIB 2.60: Changed the Symbian tutorial for adding support for Symbian 9
  • EDGELIB 2.50: Expanded the tutorial with the new supported platform GP2X and notes about the new supported Series 60 SDKs
  • EDGELIB 2.40: Added notes about the Series 80 first edition SDK
  • EDGELIB 2.10: Expanded the tutorial with new supported platforms Symbian Series 80, Series 90 and Windows Mobile 5