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Project Title

Google Homepage From The Odin Project's curriculum.


This is my first HTML/CSS project. It consisted in creating a webpage that would look like the homepage.

The dropdown menus, form submissions, and hover-highlighting were to be ignored. I however chose to add the hover-highlighting effects.

What I learnt (main takeaways)

- How to center a div.
In a previous version, I used the `transform` property.
In the newest version, I simplified my code: Instead of using the `transform` and `absolute` properties, I used `margin: 0 auto;` to center the div horizontally, `text-align: center;` to center the elements in the div.

- How to make a footer stick to the bottom of the page.

- How to use the `float` property.

- How to use Dev tools to identify, for example, the background color of a button.

- How to use Dev tools to debug our own code.

- How to use classes.

- How to create a basic form.

Built With the Help of

Atom 1.24.0 Chrome and Mozilla Dev tools were used to identify some font sizes, colors, etc.



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