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To take a snapshot: ~/ and take a snapshot

Here is the Changelog in reverse order.

Version : V6, Date : 2017-11-12

Download link

  • installed Tensorflow, Tensorboard

Version : V5, Date : 2017-11-10

Download link

  • installed BigDL

Version : V4, Date : 2017-07-14

Download link

  • installed Graphite & Grafana

Version : V3, Date : 2017-05-02

Download link

  • update system
  $  sudo apt update;   sudo apt upgrade -y
  • making Python3 as default python. Use python3 and pip3 run commands.
    To use Anaconda as default python, uncomment the line in ~/.bashrc
    #export PATH=/usr/local/apps/anaconda/bin:$PATH
  • installed python libs
  $  sudo apt install -y python3-pip  python3-dev  python3-numpy
  • installed Jupyter
  $   sudo pip3 install jupyter
  • installed Tensorflow libraries
  $  sudo pip3 install tensorflow

Version : V2, Date : 2017-04-24

Download link

  • expanding disk to 100G $ VBoxManage clonehd ES_Sandbox_V1-disk1.vmdk disk1.vdi --format vdi $ VBoxManage modifyhd disk1.vdi --resize 100000 add this as disk1 (using VirtualBox settings) when the machine boots up, use gparted to resize partition

  • adding data dir $ sudo mkdir /data $ sudo chown $USER /data $ ln -s /data ~/data

  • uploading some data

version : V1, Date : 2017-04-21

Download link

  • increase CPU --> 2
    increase memory --> 4096 M

  • changed user name : student

  • software install dir: /usr/local/apps
    has a pointer : /home/student/apps --> /usr/local/apps
    $ sudo chown $USER /usr/local/apps

  • installed the following in /usr/local/apps
    sun jdk 1.8, scala, mvn , sublime, atom, anaconda, sbt, anaconda

  • updated ~/.bashrc
    see at the bottom

  • Disabled sudo password
    added the following.
    $ sudo visudo

      username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL
  • installing

    $    sudo apt install -y   vim  vim-gtk  git  atop  jq  iftop  strace sysstat
  • install SSH
    $  sudo apt install -y ssh
  • Added port forwarding for SSH from localhost 2222 (Network --> Advanced --> Port Forwarding)
  ssh -p 2222 -l student  localhost
  • Expanded virtual disk to 50G. Added a swap disk

  • installed Anaconda python distribution in /usr/local/apps/anaconda. This is the default python

  • installed lein in /usr/local/bin

     sudo mv lein /usr/local/bin
     sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/lein
  • downloaded Big Data stuff into ~/files or ~/Downloads