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Sample Lab : Introduction to Sandbox


Intro Screencast

Checkout our Sandbox channel for more videos.

How to login

Option 1: Login using the Ubuntu desktop UI

username : student  
password : bigdata123

Option 2: Use SSH from your host machine

We have setup SSH port forwarding on port number 2222.
So from the host computer (Windows / Mac), try the following settings.

ssh hostname    : localhost
ssh port number : 2222
ssh username    : student
ssh password    : bigdata123

So from terminal you can do:

    $   ssh  -l student -p 2222 localhost

Getting files into Sandbox

Sandbox will have access to Internet. Here are some usage scenarios

Using GIT

  $  git  clone

Using Wget

  # example
  $  wget  <a url>

  # downloading 2016 Election contribution results
  $   wget

Copying files from Host --> Sandbox

Use the SCP or any secure FTP program

hostname : localhost port : 2222 user : student password : bigdata123

A sample command line usage:

  # copy a single file
  $   scp -P 2222 file_to_copy    student@localhost:

  # copy a directory (using -r flag)
  $   scp -r -P 2222 dir_to_copy    student@localhost: