A dice roller in python 3, tkinter
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A GUI dice roller in Python 3, tkinter

Cryptographically strong pseudo-random number generation

Using Python's random.SystemRandom (which in turn uses os.random)

Option to use random.org's HTTP API for true-random number generation

Toggable from the Edit menu, off by default

Load/Save your configuration from/to a JSON file

From the File menu or with keyboard shortcuts

Configure individual rollers by:

  1. Number of dice
  2. Number of faces
  3. Modifier to each roll
  4. Modifier to total roll

Collapsible groups, and the ability to concurrently execute all rolls within a group

Just click the group-level roll button

Move, rename and clone rollers or groups

Through the group/roller action menu

Roll history (which is also saved to your JSON file)

Includes timestamps

Utilities linked to keyboard shortcuts

Including the ability to repeat the last command