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Tools for managing Metabase
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Tools for managing Metabase .

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Used to export/import the current state of Metabase (questions/dashboards/collections) to/from a JSON file. This file can then be stored on git for versioning.


This tool currently exports/imports collections, dashboards and SQL-defined questions only. Other kinds of questions are not supported because they are hard to make portable across Metabase instances. Other features (e.g. pulses) are not supported simply because I don't need them :)


Parameters can be given via command-line, appsettings.json or environment variables. There are two modes of operation, given by the Command parameter: import or export.

Regardless of the operation, the Metabase API settings must be configured. E.g. in appsettings.json:

  "MetabaseApi": {
    "Url": "",
    "Username": "",
    "Password":  "123456789"


This exports the state to a file. Sample usage:

metabase-exporter.exe Command=export OutputFilename=metabase-state.json


This imports a state file into a Metabase instance. Sample usage:

metabase-exporter.exe Command=import InputFilename=metabase-state.json DatabaseMapping:1=2 DatabaseMapping:2=3

The DatabaseMapping settings map Metabase database IDs in the state file to database IDs in the target Metabase instance. In the example above, it maps:

  • the database ID 1 in the file to the database ID 2 in the target Metabase instance
  • the database ID 2 in the file to the database ID 3 in the target Metabase instance
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