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Stack used by Elewa Company Ltd. Links front-end angular to back-end Nest.JS
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The Elewa Base

This project contains the source code of the Elewa Base. The Architecture and Stack on which Elewa Applications are run. This project can be used as a template for projects that want to work with both Angular and NestJS. Documentation is still under construction, but code documentation is available on GitHub and in the source code files.

The application is split into two a front end and back end project. Both are needed to successfully run the application.

Getting Started

To get started, make sure you installed Node.JS and fork this repo from GitHub. Then follow the instructions below to run the application.

Running the application

1. The Tools

The LMS does not need many tools to run. Be sure to install Node.JS. In documentation, we will use yarn as a package manager. This can be installed using npm install -g yarn. NPM can also be used to run the system. For development purposes however, we advise the usage of yarn.

2. The Elewa LMS Back End

The Backend is based on the magnificent work of the people behind Nest.JS -

To run the elewa LMS, we first need to run the backend. Follow the following steps:

1) Configure the database

  1. Install MongoDB on your local machine or create a test database on

  2. Navigate to /elewa-backend/src/base/config

  3. Add a new file inside this folder called `db.connectionstring.ts. For security purposes, this file is excluded from git using .gitignore

  4. Put the connection string in the file, in the following format export const connString = "{{ mongodb connection string (Older format < 3.4) }}";

  5. Don't worry about seeding the database. Our fixtures will do that automatically for you on server load :)

2) Run the backend server

Navigate with shell/cmd to /elewa-backend and execute yarn run start. The backend will now be running at http://localhost:3000/.

The Elewa LMS Front End

The front end is created using Angular - To start the front end, make sure the backend is running first. Run ng serve in your console with /elewa-frontend as location.

Navigate to http://localhost:4200/ and start learning.

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