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Elexis-Server License build status

Elexis for server operation

The Elexis server (ES) implements a part of the SMART specification. Please consult SMART: Tech Stack for HealthApps and HL7-FHIR wiki for further details.


As of current development or ES 1.8, suport for the following services/components is removed:

  • ES will not provide HTTPS services
  • OpenID is not integrated in ES anymore
  • Only product builds for linux x86_64 are made

If you want to operate ES standalone with authentication/authorization support, Elexis-Environment is your solution.


Requires maven 3.3 and java 8. Build can be started by executing mvn -f releng/es.parent/pom.xml clean verify -DskipTests

Configuration, startup and checking the elexis server

Documented in es.core.product.runtime.

Running inside docker

Use the following command to start an elexis-server docker image, omit (for latest) or replace :tag with the tag to use.

docker run -e DEMO_MODE='true' -e TZ=Europe/Zurich -p 8380:8380 -p 8480:8480 -p 7234:7234 medevit/elexis-server:tag

After initially creating a container out of this image (which is what the run command does), note the ID of the created instance, in order to restart it again afterwards. Repeatedly executing this command, always leaves you with a newly generated container.

After startup point your browser to http://localhost:8380/services/elexis/connector/v1/status to get information on the database ES is connected to.

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