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Regular Geany Newsletter

branch: master

Different branches of this repository

master: Reflects the current development branch where e.g. new
newsletter versions are getting created in.
website: Contains the content, which is currently published on the

In order to bring something 'live' you have to choices:

  1. Make usage of git cherry-pick <object> or
  2. Merge complete branch master into website branch via e.g. git checkout website && git merge master


You will need some docutils installed, at least one of the following commands should be present on your machine:

rst2html rst2latex rst2pdf rst2odt

How to compile

Compiling the newsletter is as simple as is couldn't be. Just define an evironment variable named VOL and run make either wihtout parameters to compile all, or with one of the parameters html, pdf, latex, odt to compile just that file.


VOL=2 make # compile all newsletters for vol_2 VOL=2 make pdf # compile pdf from vol_2 VOL=2 make html # compile html file for vol_2
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