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A bash script to deploy Craft CMS on production servers.
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Craft CMS Deployment

A bash script for zero-downtime Craft CMS deployment to run on production servers. Inspired by the Capistrano routine. This script is still beta! Please use it very carefully!


  • Copy the files to your project folder on the server.
  • Rename .env.example to .env and enter your credentials.
  • Run chmod +x to set execution permissions.
  • Run ./ to create the initial folders.
  • Upload .env into shared/.
  • Upload storage folder into shared/.
  • Upload web/.htaccess into shared/web/.
  • Upload web/cpresources folder into shared/web/.
  • Upload your [ASSETS_DIR] folder and web/cpresources folder into shared/web/.
  • Setup a webhook to call the scripts or run ./ manually.


Following files and folders must be added to .gitignore to make the symlinks work:

  • .env
  • storage
  • web/[ASSETS_DIR]
  • web/cpresources
  • web/.htaccess


This script is still beta. Please use it carefully and not on large and heavy projects. Or do, whatever, your call.

What does it do?

Creates the necessary releases, shared and shared/web folders on the server. Run this script first.

  • Runs ./craft backup/db to create a database backup first.
  • Creates a release folder in releases named by the current timestamp, i.e. 20190623170859.
  • Clones your git repo into this folder.
  • Runs composer install to install Craft CMS.
  • Creates symlinks for shared folders and files.
  • Runs ./craft migrate/all and ./craft project-config/sync.
  • Creates a symlink from the current folder to the newest release.
  • Deletes old releases and keeps max. 5 releases.
  • Deletes oldest backup and keeps max. [DEPLOY_KEEP_BACKUPS] backups.
  • Restarts PHP to delete symlink cache (optional)


Optional webhook script to run the bash scripts and creates a logfile. You can use your own scripts of course.

What does it not do?

This script doesn't do rollbacks. Although it doesn't re-link the current folder when the script throws an error. If an error occurs the previous release will still be the current one.

Why should I use it?

When you don't want to spend money on deployment services and tools like Capistrano are just too much to set up for smaller projects.


  • Add .env for better config handling.
  • Delete releases folder if an error occurs during deployment.
  • Delete not only the oldest release folder, but multiple release folders if there's more than 5 folders (occurs if an deployment fails). (Corrupt folders will be removed if installation fails)
  • Integrate scripts into and/or create flags.


Itsa MIT!

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