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Neighborhood Map Tips

I was challenged to developer a Map app using ReactJS, so a took the minimum requirements for this project and I read and made some draws of the components in a piece of paper.

All I needed to do is to take a least 5 places in my neighborhood and show them on the map.

After I made a kind of prototype I start the create-react-app to build my initial structure/sources to my local project.

Before I start coding I read some articles about the best way to using Google Maps API with ReactJS, follow below:

So, after this I got some skills to start my coding, I split my App in small parts or in React as we call Components.

Put a Nav with an input search to filter locations in a unique component called NavSearch and I putted the Map component and the List component of my favorite locations on a MapContainer component.

Into the Map component I put the Marker component and in the List component, I rendered the list of my favorites locations as soon as they are filtered in the NavSearch component.

Using my 5 favorites places like a constant I interated the Markers components using them, so in the Marker component, I instantiated a google.maps.Marker to put them on the map and populate the infoWindow with a 3rd part Foursquare API bringing tips and Likes to each place.

To finish my project, I collected this Markers Objects in an Array and took him to a List component to be iterate and filtered by the NavSearch input using the state attribute in the higher parent.

Getting Started

To test this App in your machine, just follow the steps below:

  • Clone this repo in your local git clone
  • Now into your folder project in the terminal exec npm install to install all dependencies
  • After install all dependencies just execute npm start on the terminal to launching the App in the browser.

Offline First

  • The service worker is only enabled in the production environment. It's recommended that you do not enable an offline-first service worker in a development environment.
  • If you need to test your offline-first service worker locally, build the application (using npm run build) and run a simple http server from your build directory.
  • More information Here


  • ReactJs
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Foursquare API
  • Google Maps API


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