Web album theme for gthumb, layout changes depending on browser width
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Responsive Dark


Responsive Dark

This is a simple web album theme for gthumb, where the layout changes depending on browser width. It is primarily design for albums which have Titles and Descriptions entered into the respective exif tags of each image.

To install, download this repository (see download zip button to the right). Unzip and copy the Responsive_Dark folder to the theme location. On my Linux Mint installation this is /usr/share/gthumb/albumthemes/

Start gthumb, choose the files for the web album, select File>Export To>Web Album. Select the Responsive Dark theme from the Theme box. Make sure Adapt to the window width is set on the Index Page tab.

Other settings I also used:

Index Page tab:

  • Thumbnail Caption set to Title
  • All images on a single page set

Image Page tab:

  • Show the description, if available set
  • Show the following attributes: set to Title


###Index Page###

index screen shots

###Image Page###

image screen shots

Demo Album

There's a demo album here.