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Django-SocialAuth is a lightweight Django application that allows for user authentication and access to (some) profile information, depending upon the service back-end provided. Current back ends supported include Django’s contrib.auth, Facebook, Google/Orkut, Twitter, and OpenID. My development is Facebook-centric at the moment, integrating Socialauth with ideas from Mark Ryan’s Django-FacebookConnect toolkit, and eventually providing a smart caching mechanism to reduce the number of transactions needed between a Facebook Connect website and for any request.

ToDo (in no particular order):

  • Make FacebookConnect tests with Watir work.
  • Integrate Mark Ryan’s FacebookProfile tools into FacebookUserProfile.
  • Rip out all of Shaba’s ad-hoc Facebook stuff, replacing it with PyFacebook as needed.
  • Create a lightweight user proxy object that’ll Do The Right Thing depending upon the back-end data source when providing details like the user’s name.
  • Put a cache object in front of remote accesses, with a user-configurable timeout, so we don’t have to use Facebook as a data store for information we’ve fetched repeatedly. Facebook TOS allows up to 24 hours of caching of user profile information, after which only the UID may be kept.
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