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Monologued is an implementation of the RFC1288 protocol in Rust. #notworking
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Monologued is an implementation of an RFC1288 protocol server in Rust.

That's right. Monologued is a Finger server.


Because I wanted to learn Rust, and this seemed like a really good idea at the time. When I learned that John Carmack still updates his .plan file with what he's going to accomplish in the coming weeks, I thought implementing a .plan server would be a lovely place to begin learning the ins and outs of Rust.

After much deliberation over using Tokio, I decided to get down to the basics. Twenty years ago I was writing servers in C using select(2), and I figured before I started having my hand held with asynchronous programming, I should go down to the basement and see how it works on bare metal, so imagine my pleasure that the select(2) implementation for Rust is literally named Metal I/O.

This gives me a chance to learn MIO, Inotify in Rust, and writing my own cache handler. Which just sounds like a ton of fun, doesn't it?


Monologued is still very much not working. Don't even bother downloading. It's mostly something to cut my teeth on while I try to figure out how Rust works.

I wrote a prototype, if you're at all curious, in the proto/ folder. It's in Hy, my favorite variant of Python. You Have Been Warned.


Thanks to my friend Nathaniel for the answer to my original question, "In a movie, when the villain is explaining his plans at length, what is that called?" Nathaniel explained that "He's monologuing," and now you know why it has that name.


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