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Rigged Brzozowski Regular Expressions, in Haskell

This is the naive implementation of Brzozowski's Algorithm, but with a Semiring implementation for gathering complex information from the parse process. This implementation is "naive" in that it saves everything, including the very large number of dead branches that hang off Sequence processing, and then discards them at the very end of the process.

This implementation finally proves to me something that I've been trying to express for a while: Might, Adams, et. al.'s implementations of tree parsing are Semiring implementations, they just don't call it that, but the fundamental underlying operations are the same.

I'm fascinated by the lack of the nullability operator. Instead, it's just resolved by Emp being parsed as zero and Eps as one * s where s is the product of the previous operation, and then the new Delta operator preserves this semantic, using multiplicative annhilation to discard false parses while also being immune to the Sequence semantic that destroys success parse history.

This can't last. And Might admits it doesn't last. Darais's implementation goes back to having a separate function for nullability that both preserves the status of known-nullable expressions and handles recursion. Darais's version also implements an incredible number of optimizations to prune, compact, and process the parse tree early, enabling a number of speedups and caching strategies that get you within spitting distance of RE2.

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