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Elementum Burst

A burst of providers.


Development of script.elementum.burst is stopped!

  • Do not expect any support, help and other things like that.
  • Source is open, so you can fork everything.


  • Fast, very fast
  • Compatible with Magnetic/Magnetizer, but disable the Quasar/Elementum Connector
  • Can extract providers, parsers and settings from Magnetic
  • No extra add-ons to install, all providers are included
  • No extra service running in the background
  • Easy settings to enable or disable providers and filters
  • First-class support with Elementum, and only Elementum (don't even ask)
  • Simple definitions-based architecture with overrides
  • Clean, PEP8 compliant code


IMPORTANT: Disable the Magnetic Quasar/Elementum Connector before anything else.

Get the latest release from

Install the add-on and enjoy.

Detailed documentation available at (old)

Adding / editing providers

Do NOT add definitions to the definitions.json file, it is generated automatically by the Magnetic extraction script.

Default fixes and overrides are located in burst/providers/, and although you can edit that file directly, keep in mind that you will lose your changes on the next update. You can override existing definitions by adding another file named in your profile folder, ie. in ~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/script.elementum.burst/ Put all your overrides in the overrides variable within that file, as such:

overrides = {
    'torlock': {
        'name': 'MyTorLock'

Adding a custom provider is similar, although you'll be using a JSON file, per provider or with all your custom providers, unless you add them all in your custom, which also works. Simply create a file with the .json extension under the providers folder in your profile, ie. in ~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/script.elementum.burst/providers/nice_provider.json and make sure it follows the format below (hopefully with "subpage": false):

    "1337x": {
        "anime_extra": "",
        "anime_keywords": "{title} {episode}",
        "anime_query": "EXTRA",
        "base_url": "",
        "color": "FFF14E13",
        "general_extra": "",
        "general_keywords": "{title}",
        "general_query": "EXTRA",
        "language": null,
        "login_failed": "",
        "login_object": "",
        "login_path": null,
        "movie_extra": "",
        "movie_keywords": "{title} {year}",
        "movie_query": "EXTRA",
        "name": "1337x",
        "parser": {
            "infohash": "",
            "name": "item('a', order=2)",
            "peers": "item(tag='td', order=3)",
            "row": "find_once(tag='body').find_all('tr')",
            "seeds": "item(tag='td', order=2)",
            "size": "item(tag='td', order=5)",
            "torrent": "item(tag='a', attribute='href', order=2)"
        "private": false,
        "season_extra": "",
        "season_extra2": "",
        "season_keywords": "{title} Season {season:2}",
        "season_keywords2": "{title} Season{season}",
        "season_query": "EXTRA",
        "separator": "+",
        "show_query": "",
        "subpage": true,
        "tv_extra": "",
        "tv_extra2": "",
        "tv_keywords": "{title} s{season:2}e{episode:2}",
        "tv_keywords2": "",
        "tv_keywords3": "",
        "tv_keywords_fallback": "",
        "tv_keywords_fallback2": ""


  • @scakemyer for initial Quasar Burst module!
  • @mancuniancol for all his work on Magnetic, this add-on wouldn't have been possible without him.
  • All the alpha and beta testers that led to the first stable release.