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Join the chat at https://gitter.im/elgervb/skeletonSPA Build Status Dependency Status devDependency Status codecov.io

Skeleton for a Single Page Application using Angular & Gulp Exapmple is located here: http://elgervanboxtel.nl/labs/skeletonSPA

This project supplies a basic setup for building single page applications with Gulp (http://gulpjs.com/), using AngularJS (https://angularjs.org/).

BTW: if you plan on working with another library then AngularJS, just replace it with your own ;-) The fulpfile.js will need some small changes.


Open a console at the project root and install all node-modules by executing following commands:

	npm install

Install gulp globally

	npm install -g gulp

Install bower globally

  npm install -g bower

Install third party dependencies with bower

	bower install

Do a initial build

	gulp build

This will do minification on all images, compile Sass, minify javascript and create sourcemaps and copy all (including fonts) to the dist directory


There are actually 2 ways to run the skeleton

	gulp start

Open a browser at the location where the browser-sync server has been started. Point multiple browsers / devices to the same url and watch the magic happen.


A basic workflow would be

 // build all sources, creating the dist directory

 // launch a server against the dist folder and watch for changes in source file
 gulp start

In a separate command window, watch all unit test:

    gulp test:watch

In another separate command window, run all end to end tests:

    gulp test:e2e

Gulp Tasks

The gulpfile.js contains several targets to make development easier.

Target Description
browser-sync browser-sync task for starting a server. This will open a browser for you. Point multiple browsers / devices to the same url and watch the magic happen.Depends on: watch
build Build and copy all styles, scripts, images and fonts. Depends on: info, clean
clean Cleans the dist folder and other generated files. Depends on: clear-cache
clear-cache Clears the cache used by gulp-cache
copy Copies all to dist/. Depends on: copy-fonts, copy-template, copy-index
copy-fonts Task for copying fonts only
copy-template Task for copying templates. This will lint the HTML and remove comments
copy-index Task for copying index page only. Optionally add live reload script to it
default Default task. Depends on: build
docs-js Create Javascript documentation in the settings.reports directory
images Task to optimize and deploy all images found in folder src/img/**. Result is copied to dist/img
info log some info about this app
lint-js Lint all application javascript
package Packaging all compiled resources. Due to the async nature of other tasks, this task cannot depend on build... do a build first and then package it.
scripts Task to handle and deploy all javascript, application & vendor. Depends on: scripts-app, scripts-vendor
scripts-app Minifies all javascript found in the src/js/** folder. All files will be concatenated into app.js. Minified and non-minified versions are copied to the dist folder. This will also generete sourcemaps for the minified version. Depends on: docs-js, lint-js
scripts-vendor Task to handle all vendor specific javasript. All vendor javascript will be copied to the dist directory. Also a concatinated version will be made, available in \dist\js\vendor\vendor.js. Depends on: scripts-vendor-maps
scripts-vendor-maps Copy all vendor .js.map files to the vendor location
start Task to start a server and used the live reload functionality. Depends on: server
styles Compile Sass into Css and minify it. Minified and non-minified versions are copied to the dist folder. This will also auto prefix vendor specific rules.
test run all tests using Karma
test:e2e Run End to End (e2e) tests with Protractor
test:watch watch file changes and run tests
todo Output TODO's & FIXME's in markdown and json file as well
watch Watches changes to Sass, javascript and images. On change this will run the appropriate task, either: styles, templates, scripts or images.


Optionally run gulp with the following arguments

Name Description
--dev start the app in dev-mode. This way console logging will not be stripped and javascripts will not be minified to make debugging easier
--port={{int}} start the server on port {{port}}


The package.json file contains an object settings in which you can specify basic settings for the gulpfile.

Setting Description
src The directory where all sources are located. Defaults to ./src/
dist The directory where all gulp results are written to. Defaults to ./dist/
serverport The port number to start the server on. Defaults to 4000


Skeleton SPA comes with testing capabilities.

Unit tests

To run all unit test, simply run:

gulp test

To watch file changes and run tests accordingly:

gulp test:watch

End to end tests (E2E)

Run the following command to run the end to end tests:

gulp test:e2e

(Server must be started in a separate command window, with gulp start)

The default behaviour can be modified in the protractor.config.js. For example, you can change the browser in which tests are being ran.

Project structure

The following project structure is required:

 - src
   - fonts
   - img
   - js
     - app
     - vendor
   - styles
 - tests
   - e2e
   - units

Generated structure

 - dist
   - css
   - fonts
   - img
   - js
     - app
     - vendor
 - reports