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A CSS3 Border Radius Generator; Get the best border-radius playground, with a minimalist design!
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Border-Radius Generator

Border-Radius Generator is a A CSS3 Border-Radius Generator Web Application built for lazy Web Developers, just like you!

Getting Started

I kept this project as simple as it could be; No Libraries, No Frameworks, No Tools, nothing more than Pure HTML/CSS/JavaScript, so there is nothing impressing on how to use/install it:

  • git clone
  • cd Border-Radius-Generator
  • Open the index.html directly, or use A Live Previewer to make it easier to modify the App!

Here is the Live Version of Online Border-Radius Generator 🤖


Did you notice something that could be better? Don't hesistate to fork the project, and do what it takes, then through your Pull Request right away!

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