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A very tiny emacs config
Emacs Lisp
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User Manual

This started as a bare-bones setup for noodling on, but has since become my go-to setup for all things emacs. Evil, sort of like a really tiny spacemacs.

  • init.el handles initialization of some important stuff, but should be left more or less as is.
  • tilde.el is where the action happens. This is where all packages and settings are configured
  • tree-fort.el is an optional custom config. If the file is present it will be initialized after tilde.el. If you wish to expand or modify this configuration this is where I recommend that you do that

Key Chords of Note


SPC /     : ripgrep
SPC TAB   : previous buffer
SPC SPC   : Open M-x


SPC p f   : find files


SPC b b   : buffers list


SPC w l   : move right
SPC w h   : move left
SPC w j   : move down
SPC w k   : move up
SPC w /   : split right
SPC w -   : split bottom
SPC w x   : close window


SPC a t   : open terminal in current buffer

How to Install

If you have an existing .emacs.d directory back it up.

$ cp -r .emacs.d ~/.emacs.d.backup

Then delete it!

$ rm -rf .emacs.d

Now clone this repo (making sure to save it to a new .emacs.d directory)!

$ git clone .emacs.d

Launch emacs! SUCCESS!

Credit where credit is due

The vast majority of this config was shamelessly taken from Emacs from Scratch, with a bit of guidance from hjertnes' emacs.d.

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