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A blog, based on blosxom.

Posts about the code:

  • Describe tools in etc/logtols/

  • Two plugins added, one mine, one not mine.
  • gsitemap: not mine, helper for making sitemap.xml files
  • extrameta: simple container plugin for adding meta tags
  • updates to aaa_tags and paginateqz to set meta tags
  • update to browser_block to stop some more bots

  • Updates to qzpostfilt, aaa_tags, and paginateqz

  • Clean UTF-8 handling throughout blosxom and plugins
  • Removed buggy (vis-a-vis UTF-8) FileHandle module
  • Goodbye global $fh variable
  • Slightly fewer lines of code: woo-hoo

  • Many improvements to the aaa_tags plugin

  • new mark-up language for my tastes and filter to implement it
  • comments about new CSS
  • comments about new logos and randomlogo

  • aaa_tags plugin

  • code reorder
  • fix double-post bug
  • update $version
  • remove -quiet from cgi params

  • combined permalink / paginate plugin

  • explaining the why of browser_block

  • wrote a pair of template() plugins
  • improved css / html 2020-02-24-permalinks.patch

  • fix plugins to work with each other, bugfixing permalinks
  • better content-type
  • logo is link to main page

  • Reboot day 2.

In general: