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Synthesize: Collaborate on assignments with classmates remotely.

Synthesize is an app designed to provide Cornell students an easy way to collaborate on assignments and ask each other questions. Users can easily create assignments and group chats for any course from the Cornell class roster. In every group chat, you can choose whether you want your messages to be anonymous or not, making collaboration comfortable and convenient. After signing in at the touch of one button, Synthesize automatically tracks the classes and groups you've participated in for you. Synthesize was designed to help solve the problem many students have - they're enrolled in classes and don't know other students in that class, so they have nobody to work with. Students like to work collaboratively and often learn better that way, and Synthesize creates a platform that makes learning straightforward and as simple as possible.

Link to backend repo:



  • AutoLayout: Each screen meets this by using NSLayoutConstraint.
  • Collection View or Table View: The home screen features two collection views, the browse screen has a table view, each class screen has a table view, and each message screen has a collection view.
  • Navigation: The app uses a UITabBarController and a UINavigationController.
  • Integration with an API: The app fetches classes, assignments, and messages from the API written by the backend team.


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