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Incorrect find query is used for Mongoid embedded documents #48

monfresh opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I'm using activeadmin-mongoid with Rails 3.2.13 and Mongoid 3.1.4, and I'm trying to view an embedded document in the admin interface, but I get Document(s) not found for class ApiApplication with id(s) 51dcba...

I have a User resource that embeds_many api_applications, and it looks like activeadmin-mongoid is using ApiApplication.find, but in Mongoid, that won't work. If a User embeds_many api_applications, you have to do user.api_applications.find(id)

My admin/users.rb show snippet:

show :title => :name do |user|
  attributes_table do
    row :name
    row :email

  panel "API Applications" do
    table_for user.api_applications do |t|
      t.column("Name") do |api_application|
          admin_user_api_application_path(user, api_application)

My admin/api_applications.rb has this:

ActiveAdmin.register ApiApplication do
  belongs_to :user

When I view the show page for a particular user, it is displaying the correct ApiApplication for that user, but when I click on the link that should take me to the show view for the ApiApplication, I get that document not found error.

Note that this works fine if I use has_many and belongs_to in my Mongoid models instead.

Is this a known issue with embedded documents?


After applying @mabotelh's solution in issue #38, I am now able to view the embedded document. However, when I try to edit it, it fails with the same error as before.


Did you end up finding a solution to this issue?


I have not, so I switched to rails_admin, which supports Mongoid quite nicely.


I think the solution resides in redefining the resource finder in the controller. I'll keep this open until a solution lands on master.


is someone working on this?


Not me. Actually tarting for now I'm looking for a maintainer, will update the readme with details.

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